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When it comes to health, there is no truer saying than you are what you eat.

A direct relationship exists between the food choices you make and your health. Good food equals good health, while bad food can–and often does–lead to poor health. Making good nutritional choices can help control your blood pressure, prevent cancer, reduce and regulate your cholesterol, boost your immunity, and promote muscle and bone health.

Here are some healthy eating tips:
  • Include fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein in your daily diet;
  • Reduce or eliminate processed sugars from your diet;
  • If you drink soda, substitute one can with a glass of water with lemon;
  • Eat a bagel instead of a donut;
  • Have six ounces of red meat instead of 12 ounces;
  • Reduce your fast-food consumption by 50 percent;
  • Give up some bad items, such as French fries, that you really like;
  • Get a lunch partner and help each other monitor food choices;
  • Drink plenty of water; and
  • Spot a farmer's market near you.
PPG has teamed with Dr. Will Clower on the Mediterranean Wellness program, which helps you focus on nutrition and lifestyle to maintain and improve your health.

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